So what is this “Cyclical Living” you speak of?

Great question honies, GREAT question….

🌼Are you experiencing a rollercoaster ride of mood swings each month?
🌼Perhaps one week you feel exhausted, pissed off, sad, anxious and a bit blah and the next week you’re filled with love, compassion and you’re totally energised and happy?
🌼Are you constantly confused as to what the flippin’ heck is going with your emotions and your body?
🌼Feeling like life would just be better if you didn’t have a womb or a period?

I get it honies, I GET IT. And I’m about to share one of the greatest life hacks of our time with you.

Each month we go through 4 different phases:
🌱Spring (Follicular) the first day after the last day of your period - this usually lasts 7-10 days
🌞Summer (Ovulation) this usually lasts 3-5 days
🍂Autumn (Luteal) this usually lasts 10-14 days
❄️Winter (Menstrual) this usually lasts 3-7 days

Cyclical Living means living with the natural rhythms of our menstrual cycles. It is the idea that we can harness the different phases of our menstrual cycles and adapt our lifestyles to suit.

It truly is one of the greatest hacks to better mental, physical and emotional health for anyone with a womb.
When we live in alignment with our menstrual cycles we cultivate more awareness and acceptance of our bodies, energy, happiness, ease, flow and effortless productivity.

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