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Applications for my October 1:1 mentorship cycle are now closed. 

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Feminine Wellbeing 8 Week Journey:

This is for women who are ready to dive DEEP.

This package includes:
  • Working with me for 4 X 1 hour Zoom sessions where we work through whatever is coming up for you
  • Receive bespoke, tailor made, fortnightly homework / homeplay that will level you up between our zoom calls
  • We will be in touch in between the calls so that when you feel like you need extra support, we can communicate via Whatsapp
  • Receive personalised resource recommendations such as books, podcasts, guided meditations, etc.

In our Zoom calls you will:
  • Journey deep into your intention for change
  • Understand and release unhealthy ways of being, old stories and barriers to your freedom
  • Find space to safely share and be fully seen and heard without judgement
  • Learn powerful tools / techniques for self love, purpose clarity, emotional release, slowing down and coming out of your head and into your body
  • Receive reflections from my own journey and whatever else intuitively flows through

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$899 USD


This is hands-down one of the best things I’ve done for myself. At a time where I felt very lost and uncertain in myself, Stacey has opened my mind to different ways of thinking and has really helped me to gain clarity on what I want from life.
Every session leaves me feeling more positive and confident in myself and the path I want to take. She’s also incredibly knowledgeable, has loads of amazing life experiences to share and is just genuinely the nicest person to talk too! Couldn’t recommend this more.
Harry, London 

When I first sat down with Stacey I brought a pretty frazzled mind with me. I knew I was in a tail spin from prolonged stress, feeling burnt out, self pressure and some insecurities that these things had brought to the surface. It was hard to get out of this headspace when I didn't know where to start and I missed feeling like my ‘normal’ happy self.
After a few sessions with Stace I felt like a completely different person - more forgiving, resilient, carefree - consistently. From her advice and support to practical tools and rituals that I’ve continued to implement into my daily life (and these are non-negotiable), this work on myself has been so valuable and really changed my approach to anything. It’s always a work in progress but I am so grateful for this experience.
As cliche as it sounds, if you’re searching for a sign (because something feels off), then this is it.

Lucy, Auckland

Stacey’s wisdom and nurturing guidance allowed me to create space to tune in, listen and connect with myself in a way I never really have before.
She has a magical way of holding the most beautiful space- even via zoom- her meditations & personal assigned life work has kept me grounded and feeling held through the whirlwind of 2020.
She’s given me the tools to self nurture, self soothe, be true to my most authentic self & live by my core values. She’s helped me find balance, find my inner power and my soulful purpose, thank you Stacey ︎
Polly, London

Stacey's work is perceptive and powerful. Her soothing nature and ability to hold space immediately puts me at ease. She has helped me shed layers of taught behavior in favour of self love, self respect and forgiveness.
I now feel safe to be real, raw and vulnerable in acknowledging what my body and heart needs. I've since experienced profound shifts in my relationship, feminine sensual energy and ability to express myself.
If you are eager to rediscover yourself – I would highly recommend Stacey.

Helen, Sydney

Stacey has a warmth, radiance and openness to her presence which immediately slows me down and brings me into my body. From this I tune into my feelings and my desires more authentically. In conversations I feel wholeheartedly understood, she offers an energy that opens up dialogues which feel honest and free from judgement.
With time, and space, I am beginning to feel through areas of myself that I otherwise would have likely ignored, covered up or harshly criticized myself for. Stacey is showing me how to love and radiate love from within and expand this across all facets of life. She's a dreamer and a dreamy voice of reason, helping me to discover all of my juicy desires and the power of the feminine.

Isobel, Auckland 

I am honoured to have experienced, in person, Stacey's divine presence and energy in our coaching session. She has both an innate wisdom and wisdom through lived experience and many hours of self work which translate beautifully into her guidance and understanding of my needs in the session.
Stacey has the ability to hold space in a way that makes me feel completely open and safe, allowing fluidity into the session whilst offering structure through her prompts, questions and feedback.
The tools she has given me will be incorporated into my daily practice for many years to come and I am now more at ease with welcoming the dance between my masculine and feminine.

Blaise, Auckland 

Love Letters from Stacey O