About Stacey O

Hello, I’m Stacey O, Holistic Sexuality Coach, Lifelong Student and Maitre d' of the podcast ‘Finger Food”. 

As a Holistic Sex Coach I’m here to help create safer spaces for people to talk about sexuality, identity and pleasure so that people can feel less alone and experience more freedom within themselves.  

You might like to work with me if:
  • You want more pleasure in your body and less stress
  • You want to break out of limiting patterns, behaviours and beliefs
  • You want to gain clarity on your needs, desires and boundaries
  • You want to experience more orgasmic pleasure 
  • You want to learn to communicate better in and outside the bedroom
  • You are done looking for happiness outside, and are ready to find the source within
  • You want to expereince more confidence within yourself
  • You want more confidence in your love making 
  • You want tools to release insecurities and fears and build more love within

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My Story

For the majority of my sexual life, I felt completely disconnected to my body and my pleasure.

Growing up in Auckland, New Zealand, I went to an all girls high school. I remember conversations around self pleasure being completely taboo amongst my friends at school and the sex education provided being rather lacklustre and questionable.

Any mention of intimacy around my parents was met with awkwardness and fear (bless them). It was not something we talked about in my Catholic family.

It didn’t really feel safe to talk openly about sex with anyone so I ended up bottling up all of my insecurities. I felt deep shame and embarrassment around sex and felt like I had no one to talk to.

After experiencing a number of intoxicated, non-consensual encounters, I thought sex was incredibly painful and disappointing, both physically and emotionally. On the outside, I projected a very confident and wild young woman, but on the inside I felt very little self-worth and I thought “maybe I’m just not a sexual person” and “sex just sucks”.

At the age of 21 (still never having experienced the mythical orgasm), I swiftly made a beeline for London where I co-founded Meringue Girls, an innovative baking brand. The business was an overnight success and received private orders from the likes of Dior, Chanel and Stella McCartney. During this time I published two cookbooks and was food styling for Italian Vogue.

Despite the roller coaster success of the business and a whirlwind marriage (at just 22 years old), the work-hard, play-hard lifestyle started to take its toll on my wellbeing and marriage.

I suddenly started experiencing severe anxiety, debilitating exhaustion, and my hormonal health was all out of whack - acne all over my neck, back and chest, heavy painful periods, and unpredictable highs and lows.

I wasn’t having sex with myself or my husband, I was depressed, my marriage started to collapse, I struggled to find the capacity for anything, I didn’t feel comfortable in my skin and I found myself becoming resentful of my business and friends.

I finally reached a point where enough was enough and decided to get some help from therapists and sex coaches.

I ended up selling my business, traveling the world, ending my marriage and dedicating my life to healing myself. I dived deeply into studying practices such as yoga, embodiment, erotic dance and holistic sexuality.

I have felt more orgasmic pleasure in my body in the last few years than I ever thought possible. I believe our capacity to feel as human beings is truly infinite. There is so much room for unlearning and reconnecting to our innate body wisdom and pleasure and that makes me so  bloody excited.

I call myself a life-long student as I will be forever unlearning and discovering new parts of myself. I am now studying Holistic Sexuality full-time, mentoring individuals around the world 1:1, and educating through workshops, talks and podcasts.

If you resonate with my story and you’d like to work with me, find out how HERE.


  • Currently studying 650hr Holistic Sexuality at The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality with Layla Martin
  • Yoga Teacher - 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Course at Akanda Yoga, Rishikesh, India
  • Level 1 & 2 International School of Temple Arts Graduate, Australia & NZ
  • Dancing Eros Graduate, NZ
  • Magdalena Priestess Training Graduate, NZ
  • 1.5 year 1:1 mentorship with Sensual Embodiment & Sacred Sexuality Coach Jade Lesha, Australia
  • Co-founder / part-owner of multiple successful businesses/projects with a collective social following of 200,000 (Stacey O, Lou Wellbeing, Meringue Girls, Finger Food, The Village)
  • Over 6 years experience healing her own sexual trauma and hormonal health
  • Facilitated hundreds of women 1:1, in group coaching and in workshop settings
  • Host of the Finger Food Podcast
  • Featured on multiple podcasts and interviews around burnout, women’s sexuality and empowerment including Juliet Allen's ‘Authentic Sex Podcast’ and Bumble's What ‘We Call Love Podcast’

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