About Stacey O

Hi, I’m Stacey O.
I’m a feminine wellbeing educator & mentor.
My purpose on this planet is to reconnect women with the feminine advantage that lives within us all.

I grew up in sunny, lush Aotearoa NZ and at the youthful age of 21 I swiftly made a beeline for London where I lived the ‘London dream’ and co-founded Meringue Girls, an innovative baking brand with girl power at its core. Meringue Girls popped off fast, getting private orders from the likes of Dior, Chanel and Stella McCartney, publishing two cookbooks and food styling for Italian Vogue.

Despite the roller coaster success of the business and a whirlwind marriage (at just 22 years old), the work-hard, play-hard lifestyle started to take its toll on my wellbeing. I suddenly started experiencing severe anxiety, debilitating exhaustion, lack of libido, and my hormonal health was all out of whack - acne all over my neck, back and chest, heavy painful periods, and unpredictable highs and lows.
I was depressed, my marriage started to collapse, I struggled to find the capacity for anything, I didn’t feel comfortable in my skin and I found myself becoming resentful of my business and my friends.

I decided enough was enough. With little to no body awareness, I started researching how to heal myself naturally.

Walking to my East London bakery one morning, one poignant audiobook shook me to my core. The author explained women in today’s society, especially business women, are living mostly in their masculine energy (goal orientated / go go go / stuck in the mind) and neglecting their healthy femininity (playful, intuitive, surrendered, fluid).

This was the ‘aha’ moment that made me realise I was living excessively in my masculine and it was time to follow my feminine flow.

I left my business 6 months later and set off to travel the world. The next 3 years of my life were dedicated to re-discovering and nurturing my femininity. I studied ancient embodiment teachings, sold the company, ended my 5 year marriage, and moved back to NZ. 

I am now passionate about women’s health and I’m here to support you in discovering your innate power, experience more freedom within your body and reconnect with your femininity.

Resonate with my story and feel like we might be a perfect fit?

Work with me honey! 


  • Level 1 & 2 Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Graduate, International School of Temple Arts, Australia & NZ
  • Yoga Teacher - 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Course at Akanda Yoga, Rishikesh, India
  • Dancing Eros Graduate, NZ
  • Sensual Embodiment Graduate, Australia
  • Co-founder of multiple successful businesses with a collective social following of 200,000 followers (Meringue Girls, The Village, Stacey O)
  • Over 5 years experience healing my own mental and hormonal health
  • I’ve worked alongside leading sexologist Juliet Allen and featured on multiple podcasts around women’s sexuality and empowerment
  • I’ve recently co-founded The Village - a female forward co-working and community space in Central Auckland for work, life and wellbeing under one roof