Empowered by Bumble 

Season 1

Gender Literacy, Cancel Culture & Olives 

In this intimate conversation, Rob Tennent shares his journey around growing up queer in a conservative all-boys school. He talks about gender literacy, the do’s and the don'ts in this ripe world of cancel culture, and how listening and being curious is the greatest gift you can give yourself and those around you.

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Self Pleasure & Sweet Mangos

In this intimate conversation, Batanai Mashingaidze shares her journey to self-love. She talks about body image, self-pleasure, and porn and speaks to the complexities of queerness coming from a religious background.

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Stripping, Sexual Liberation & Juicy Fruit

In this intimate conversation,  Ashleigh Williams speaks about her experience with stripping and OnlyFans. She shares how listening to herself, following spontaneity and letting go of what other people think of her have been the keys to unlocking her sexual liberation.

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OnlyFans, Orgasms & Focaccia

In this intimate conversation, Alma Proenca shares her journey around OnlyFans, morals, money and mental health.
We go into the female orgasm and how exploring self-pleasure is one of the best gateways to reaching the big O.

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Transitioning & Summer Cherries

In this intimate conversation, Maddox Drew shares their journey with transitioning from a girl to a boy at school. They share how they experienced sexism as a girl and then male privilege as a boy all the while coming up against transphobia. Now non-binary, they talk about how they have navigated relationships along the way.

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Polyamory & Papaya

In this intimate conversation, Biku Wernick shares his journey with polyamory and how jealousy has played out in his life. We talk about performance anxiety, the power of communication and honesty in relationships and the tool of Non-violent-communication.

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