A holistic approach to pleasure


Hello, I’m Stacey O, Holistic Sexuality Coach, Speaker and Maitre d' of the independent podcast ‘Finger Food’.

I help humans who feel stagnant and disconnected because they have lost or never fully uncovered their sexual desire to experience deeper levels of pleasure and connection within themselves and their intimate relationships.

I have been practising and studying many methods and modalities over the years including Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching, Yoga, Movement, Sacred Sexuality and Mindfulness as well as building multiple successful creative businesses.

My approach to sexuality, self-love and conscious relating weave both my trauma-informed, neuroscience and eastern philosophy-based studies, as well as my own lived experience.

I am a super geek when it comes to studying the human experience and I believe pleasure and self-compassion can be learnt, fine-tuned and built over time with patience and practice.  We are capable of feeling far more than we think!

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In 2022 I created Finger Food, a podcast dedicated to normalising conversations around sexuality, identity and pleasure in the hope that people tuning in might find a little more freedom within themselves!

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